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"For those of us who are obsessed with makeup — lipstick in particular — there's no such thing as too many of our favorite products. With our laser vision, we can tell the true difference between any two shades, no matter how similar they may look to the untrained eye." — Twitter Boyfriends Are Confused About These Two Obviously Very Different Worlds Apart Lip Colors, KARA NESVIG

example of using Makeup Guru when you choose pink lavender color
example of using Makeup Guru when you choose pink gross green color

Everyday there is another set of new makeup products. Sometime it's about texture, and sometimes it's about brand itself - but most all, it's about color.

Makeup Guru was designed to give "FRESH MAKEUP TUTORIAL: WITH BRAND NEW {color} EYESHADOW!" based on your favorite color at this moment. Original text is from one of the tutorials in Deck of Scarlet. 



To generate entities and functions, I used xkcd color data from Corpora. The process is composed of (1) sorting hex to RGB (2) building word vectors based on RGB values (3) receiving user's favorite color and seeking nearest 6 colors (4) implementing colors to tutorial along with other elements.

xkcd.json provides a wide variety of 952 colors, and is inclusive to such colors as poo, baby puke green, snot shade, diarrhea... etc. Of course, beauty is subjective (especially when it comes to an abstract component as color), so some people might want those shades in their makeup. Regardless of the terms, the Makeup Guru will go through the same process and give you the tutorial.

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example of using Makeup Guru when you choose one of green shades

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