This is a soundwalk project done with Elizabeth Ferguson and Amena Hayat. It interprets commuting process as a journey towards home. After bringing different stories from each hometown, the sound ends with NYC as its background - which is our current home.

Idea sketch and storyline:


-  Sound edition for Lahore, Pakistan
-  Sound edition from Track 2 to Track 3
-  Story narration for Lahore, Pakistan

-  Sound edition for Bay Area, US
-  Story narration for Bay Area, US
-  Production of the map inside 721 Broadway

-  Sound edition for Busan, South Korea
-  Sound edition for Intro
-  Story narration for Busan, South Korea
-  Story narration for Intro and Ending 
-  Collecting directional narrations
-  Remapping and combining of entire tracks


Audition Workstation:

Track 1 Audition file:

Track 2 Audition file:

Track 3 Audition file: