MyRx: Medication Management Platform

# UX, UI, Mobile, Prototype

Drugs vary by dosage, form, frequency, and are accompanied with obscure names. MyRx helps manage patient's prescriptions by allowing them to consolidate their medications into one application.


uniFlow: Dialogflow V2 Unity Plugin

# Voice, UX, AR/VR, Development

Project in progress. uniFlow is a Unity plugin that allows creators to integrate natural language conversation into AR and VR environments.


OGS Annual Report

# Data Visualization, Web, Editorial

New York University(NYU) ranks first among US institutions hosting international students in the US. Office of Global Services(OGS) Annual Report focuses on promoting the support from OGS towards international students and scholars, and their active participation in overall NYU community.


Bubbles: Big Screens 

# Motion Capture, 3D, Animation

"ITP presents new student work created for InterActive Corp's 120-foot long video wall in West Chelsea." Bubbles is a collaborative project using motion capture data and Cinema 4D.


Talk to Makeup Guru

# Voice, UX, Mobile, Development

"For those of us who are obsessed with makeup — lipstick in particular — there's no such thing as too many of our favorite products. With our laser vision, we can tell the true difference between any two shades, no matter how similar they may look to the untrained eye." — Kara Nesvigk



# Data Visualization, Development, Electronic

What's time? A project “Time” started from throwing simple questions about time and its standard — eventually evolving into the combination of physical piece and digital visualization about different time zones.


NYU Outbound

# UX, Research, User Testing

The Office of Global Services (OGS) in NYU advises not only on immigration regulations in the US, but also on visas needed outside of the US for NYU purposes. OGS Outbound pages particularly focus on providing clear instruction for study abroad in 12 different cities.


OGS Icon Set

# Iconography

NYU OGS involves icons in various situations, from online to offline. Their imagery particularly has to do with immigration and travel related objects. OGS icon set is to resolve lack in consistency and to target the frequently used imageries (i.e. passport, I-20 Form). Its basic size and grid system referred to Material Design.




Alice is a graphic & interaction designer based in New York. Currently designing at Local Guides.

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