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Surfing Bilingually

Final assignment for Quant Humanists and Nature of Code.

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Evolutionary Pac-Man


Week 8 assignment based on Steering Behavior example. Typeface: Alpha Headline

Full Screen, Code

Some additional updates are expected:

  • assigning separate class for ghost/poison vector
  • continuously generating new food


March 6, 2018No Comments

Box2D & Typeface

More typographic experiment based on Daniel Shiffman's Polygon example using Box2D. Typeface: Brown Bold | Full Screen, Code

  • How to build a physical boundary out of textToPoints()?
  • reference: Patrik Huebner's typographic example


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p5 & Typeface

Assignment 4 was based on one of generative font examples in Processing. The original version could directly input text but I wasn't successful in transferring the part. Full ScreenCode

Second trial based on Daniel Shiffman's Particles code and textToPoints() example - interactive with mouse hovering and clicking. Typeface: GT Sectra Super | Full ScreenCode


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Rose(Rhodonea Curve) Chart

Assignment 3 based on Daniel Shiffman's Polar Rose Pattern example and the Rhodonea Curve Chart in Wikipedia. The value of mouseX will determine number of polygons, although I merely play with these elements in order to help my own understanding. The chart image that I used as a reference:

Full Screen


Another version that changes over mouse position (Full Screen):


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Attraction / Repulsion

Assignment 2 based on Daniel Shiffman's Attraction / Repulsion example. Attractors get added by pressing left-arrow key, while repulsers get added by pressing right-arrow. When there are same amount of attractors and repulsers, particles will change into purple color and both forces will be effective. Otherwise, one that has more number will override the movement of particles.

Full Screen


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Lévy flight

Assignment 1 based on Daniel Shiffman's Lévy flight example, with further experiment in generating depth without z value. It resets itself when is clicked, and starts random-walk from the location of a cursor.

Full Screen