My final project will be developed together with Huiyi and it will be about the relationship between sunlight and time. After seeing Huiyi's midterm project, which overall speaks about the similar concept, I asked her if she's interested in collaborating - and here're some common points and differences among our previous projects.

Alice’s Physical Computing midterm: (this is my past project)

Huiyi’s Physical Computing midterm:


First User Testing

For our initial user testing, we used Huiyi's globe for midterm along with my one of my p5 sketches. The installed object itself was going to be a fixed globe with photoresistors on all the cities where ITP community came from and as people project light source on them (such with their phone flashlight), those corresponding cities' webcams will show up in projection. However, the results were quite different from our expectation. Here are some feedbacks we got from the user testing:

  • I want to rotate the globe and make it spin!!
  • Seems like it’s more about surveillance & privacy issue
  • It’ll be hard for photoresistors to detect lights?
  • Looks educational and informative
  • Looks like about traveling


New Sketch

We initially planned to project webcams around the world so people can recognize the real time differences, but we decided to rebuild both of the object and the projection parts as users had trouble relating them with time. Although Huiyi and I were eager to use webcam API for our projection, we decided to let it go if many people are easily interpreting them as different subjects.

Instead, the projection part got divided into two parts of (1) Skyline panorama that alters simultaneously as the light rotates and (2) On top of the panorama, having time in number form. The time info in number form will basically emphasize how some cities are not following UTC standard, by having glitchy effects that resemble error message. In order to build this new sketch, Huiyi and I are organizing the list of cities we received from ITP students into timezone format. Here is a testing version: