The Difference followed by the author’s notes

  • 2008-08-21 20:17:43 comment by Loki: "I disagree paradoxia...I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if he is human, than this is a great story to show how possible it is to program someone. Keep telling someone that they aren't a person and they'll eventually start to believe it themselves. Still, interesting writing all the same."
  • chatbot or human?

Helpful Mom Voices podcast episode from Reasonably Sound

  • Alexa, Siri.. etc
  • voice-over artists: Susan Bennett, Karen Jacobsen... etc
  • TTS (text to speech) technology
  • Character in digital assistance
  • Female — “Helpful Mom Voices”
  • bring in them “higher order of living”, rationality, intelligence, soul, spirituality
  • voice: expression of agency — becoming its own entity; but it’s not elevated to the status of rational human
  • before it was imitating human, and making show - now it doesn’t need to be “appearing” human. Now it’s logic operation.
  • bring high technology down to “human level”
  • history of operator in late 19th century
  • higher pitch = “more pleasant” = more memorable information = unless it has to do with “masculine” subjects like math
  • people have expectation and rating on voices
  • “symbolic gender”

- also reminds me of the Vocaloid culture & marketing in Japan.