As my learning about less design-related subjects progressed, I’ve been doing various coding exercises. Meanwhile, my participation in open source projects and community never happened.

It’s inevitable to encounter open source projects at some point of learning, especially in educational environment like ITP. However, although I got tremendous help from these projects, it’s still challenging and unfamiliar for me to actually make participation in the community.

There can be many factors.  One thing is me not having adequate developing knowledge, which takes me aways from being “helpful” in rising issues and improving projects. This can be considered as a technical factor.

On another hand, I was surprised in first class session and Mel Chua’s reading about the importance of people’s manner in open source community. The reading clearly states that “the people are more important than the code”. I understand this part as not only for individual contributors, but also for the project itself as well, regarding the nature of open source projects.

In that sense, there’s also a psychological factor that prevented me from participation - by stepping back as a mere observer. As much as I’ve been largely helped and amazed by these projects, I would like to learn more about them, and having a habit of participating through this class.