As I'm building project about timezone in the Intro to Computational Media course, I wanted to build something related to the same subject to have deeper connection between two courses. First attempt was using potentiometer to input value to some of my existing p5 sketches, and the second part was trying to control led and servo motor with mouseX. The process was rather a collection of one failure after another than moving towards what I expected.


Arduino to p5

Idea: Visualizing a clock that receives value from potentiometer
Problem: The original sketch was from another project that I didn't have to care about speed of rotating - but it seemed funny in this experiment because as the value gets lower it starts accelerate to the point that the clock hand disappears.

Idea: Using potentiometer to control which part to be the brightest
Problem: To simplify the process, I used the hard-coded example and indeed it was easy to operate.




In order to be more specific, I start sketching the structure. The inside will be divided to 24 sections and each section represents one longitude. Bright parts will be the areas that are in daytime, and the opposite will be the areas in nighttime. One idea is using the 360 motor with one light source. The other idea is using 24 light sources. Also, there's possibility of combining those two.

p5 to Arduino

Some experiments with servo motor and led were done, but I spent most of my time staring at this error screen - and spending hours to fix it. It was sometimes solved by unplugging and update the Arduino file, but one of my boards is just broken and keep showing the same message.