NYU Outbound

The Office of Global Services (OGS) in NYU advises not only on immigration regulations in the US, but also on visas needed outside of the US for NYU purposes. OGS Outbound pages particularly focus on providing clear instruction for study abroad in 12 different cities.

# UX, Research, User Testing

Project Title → NYU Outbound
Office → Global Services
Communications Director → Melissa Zuroff

The renewal of NYU Study Abroad pages is a long-term project, and my role started from redesigning prototype and conducting user test, to finalizing template.

To compare before and after, Visa for NYU Accra can be viewed as previous design. Currently, Visa for NYU Madrid, Florence, London and Prague are updated to the new structure.

NYU uses its own CMS, which provides UI components that already reflect NYU branding identity. Therefore, most OGS projects focus on UX aspects of the website.


Process Overview


0. Analysis & Learning


1. Prototype & User Testing


Outbound Study Abroad NYU Madrid User Testing

Date: September 29, 2017

The test pages were Visas for NYU Study Abroad to NYU Madrid. To facilitate the process of visa application and give prominence to the related key points to NYU students who will study abroad, we developed the new page on OGS website into separate pages with more focused content and intuitive visual elements. 


  • You are accepted to the abroad program to NYU Madrid. Find out the overall immigration process and timeline.
  • You are an F-1 international student. Find out what do you need to prepare to maintain your status before your departure from the US.
  • You are accepted to NYU Madrid program for one semester. Find out what kind of visa you will need before traveling to Spain.
  • You already have a valid passport for the acceptance to NYU Madrid program. Find out your first step towards to visa application process.
  • Your are currently in New York and in the individual processing for visa application. Find out what to do before you gather documents and submit you application.
  • You participated in Group Processing and got the email from OGS to pick up your passport and visa. Find out what you have to do next.
  • Your visa application has been approed, it's time to plan your travel to Madrid. Find out the matters need attention in your preparation phase.
  • You are attending NYU Madrid for the full academic year. Find out how long your visa will be issued for and what steps you need to take after arrival to ensure that you maintain the proper status for the entire academic year.

2. Debriefing


TOP PROBLEMS our testers had:

  1. They didn’t understand why group processing should be done. Pros and cons are not indicated. Lots of text on the visa page. Needs simplification, visual cues.
  2. Checklist for the documents needed to apply for the visa was buried and hard to find.
  3. Too much information/overload.
  4. Information is not in the places that they are necessarily expected to be in.
  5. Timeline visual for when to apply for a visa was not totally clear.


  1. Write up the benefit of group processing. (Outbound Team)
  2. Bigger button/highlight document checklist. (Design Team)
  3. Text for GlobalChekPlus not needed on the Visa for NYU Madrid as we have specific info we provide to students accepted to the semester or year-long programs. We will instead create a separate page for special and short-term programs to direct students to GlobalChek Plus. (Outbound Team)
  4. Brainstorm for visual breaks, content breaks to further streamline the visa page. (Design Team)
  5. Full-year vs. One-semester information needs to be more clearly demarcated. (Outbound Team)
    Separate page for once you arrive content. (Design Team)
  6. Visualize timeline. (Design Team)

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