What's time? A project “Time” started from throwing simple questions about time and its standard — eventually evolving into the combination of physical piece and digital visualization about different time zones.

# Data Visualization, Development, Electronic

Project Title → Time
Courses → Physical Computing, Computational Media, Fabrication
Collaborator → Huiyi Chen 

Presented at:


The center is consisted of two parts:

  • inner cylinder that represents UTC Time Zone map, and

  • outer sphere that is rotatable and contains light source.

As the user rotates the outer sphere, it creates movement in light. While the light is moving, the inner cylinder that has 24 light sensors for each longitude reacts to the changing brightness.

When the light shifts from one time zone to another, the digital visualization reflects the movement as well by changing gallery of skylines. These skylines are from survey towards ITP community regarding which cities they came from, and organized according to the longitude location.


Photos → Nicolas Peña-Escarpentier

ITP Winter Show

The project was presented at ITP Winter Show 2017.

To improve efficiency and interactivity in a limited space, my partner and I went through some modifications in its structure. The physical piece was installed on a half-opaque round table top, and the digital visualization was projected from underneath the table.



Computational process:

Fabrication process: