uniFlow: Dialogflow V2 Unity Plugin

uniFlow is a Unity plugin that allows creators to integrate natural language conversation into AR and VR environments.

# Voice, UX, AR/VR, Development

Project Title → uniFlow
Course → Open Source Studio
Collaborator → Ilana Pecis Bonder, Lin Zhang 

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The Dialogflow V2 Unity Plugin is a continuation from Api.ai: Unity Plugin, which made it easy to integrate the Dialogflow(Api.ai) natural language processing API into your Unity project. It's built as a team project in Open Source Studio.

Responsible for project management and documentation including creating examples. The project is selected for xStory, and will be continued throughout 2019.


Longer-term Goals

  • Make the process of getting access token simpler.
  • Conduct larger scale of user testing.
  • Improve interface design in Unity.
  • Create an inviting community for contributors and contribution guideline.

Selected Works

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