What will be the ways for technology to increase or decrease the gap among people?

Research Topic:

Income and lifespan inequality

  1. across different countries
  2. and inside a country

Reference: Hans Rosling's Talk

The quality of life in overall countries got dramatically elevated, however, with significant amount of inequality. It is visible by how bubbles that represent different countries are located in scattered shape in 2008, compared to 1830.

It gets more interesting when he takes apart some cities in China and starts locating them next to other countries. In 2009, China had relatively lower lifespan and income level than Italy - while Shanghai alone was in comparable status. Then, he takes Guizhou apart and locate next to Pakistan. Furthermore, within Guizhou, the poorest rural area was comparable with Ghana.

Areas to look into (class feedbacks)

  • pattern of income inequality; when are the moments that the gap got widened or narrowed
  • middle-class and their age
  • how many generations does it take for poor to be rich (economic mobility)?
  • role of education
  • relationship between time and income inequality?