Assignment 07: Reflection

Include a quippish timeline of your reflection "thesis statements", and design a way to represent your mood throughout the course.


While thinking about different ideas, I kept collecting my ip information. One of the things I noticed is that if the website contents are in certain language, the "title" of the page would likely to contain the language.

I'm not fluent in regular expression in any level, but since I had class about it last week, I thought using range match will be a good idea. As [a-z], [가-힣] will contain all the possible combination of letter with Korean alphabet.

It was successful to collect the ones that contained Korean letters, but I kept on failing filtering out them. From 2/11 to 3/5, I visited 726 webpages that presents Korean contents. There are total 4776, so brief way to exclude Korean letters will be 4776-726 = 4050 pages. However, regarding the small number of pages that present neither Korean nor English contents, I'd like to filter them out properly.

On another hand, for some reason, the Chrome extension I was using to track IP information stopped working. I personally emailed the developer to ask if it's finishing its service or having a temporary problem. It seemed to be having some issue, but didn't say it will permanently close the extension - so hopefully it will be back to service.